Barefoot is Best

There is a large, very steep hill in the middle of Ukarumpa.  It is aptly named Cemetery Hill because on one side, under pine trees, is the Ukarumpa cemetery.  I rarely, if ever walk up or down this hill.  It’s not on my way anywhere and it’s super steep so I avoid it if at all possible.  I can’t actually remember the last time I walked up or down this hill, until today that is.

I was late for a radio sched (it was 4:57 and the sched was from 4:45 to 5pm).  So in order to get there as quick as possible, I chose to walk down Cemetery hill.  There are switchbacks but that would defeat the purpose of the shortcut.  So I went for it, walking down slowly but continually slipping in the soft grass.  After the third slip and almost fall, I had enough.  So I took off my shoes and easily walked, sans slippage, the rest of the way down.  Once I got to the gravelly road, I put back on my shoes and made it to the sched late but in one piece.

Shoes may be good for gravel and rocks but sometimes barefoot is best.

One thought on “Barefoot is Best

  1. Dear Joy:
    This is a clever alliteration B & B = Barefoot is Best.

    Perhaps your Mom will send you some new REI Vibram running sandals, replete with five toes. This will cause everyone in PNG to swoon with amazement.

    Read on:

    I would send these myself, but have no idea what your women’s shoe size is. But your Mom probably knows….

    Best wishes from Christopher and Bob

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