Mother’s Day Flowers

May your father and mother be glad, may she who gave you birth rejoice! Proverbs 23:25

Today during church, children from the Tok Pisin Sunday school came in to read some Bible verses and give flowers to the mothers.  A sweet little girl shyly pushed a small bundle into my hand.  Maybe someday I will be a mother but for now I will just celebrate my own mother.  Although we only had a short phone conversation this morning, she knows I love her.  Today is a day for remembering our mothers and for mothers to delight in the gift of their children.  Happy Mother’s Day!

One thought on “Mother’s Day Flowers

  1. Dear Joy:
    Your mother is a gracious Christian lady who is friendly and insightful. I enjoy her sagacious counsel.
    My own mother, Mary Edith Sydnor, was similar. She was a Registered Nurse, a nurturing Christian Mom, and an athletic lady who completed the 100-mile Tevis Cup equestrian ride in one day across the Sierras.

    With appreciation from Bob and Christopher in Fair Oaks, California

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