Swit Moa

The sugar market in PNG is dominated by Ramu Sugar.  It has no other real competition.  And the Ramu valley doesn’t just produce sugar but also palm oil, beef and other products.  So when Ramu has a problem with their crops, the whole country faces a shortage.

About a month ago we heard that Ramu was going to stop sugar production.  There were lots of rumors floating around about the ‘why’ behind this.  But basically it seems to come down to a lack of crop supply.  We currently still have some Ramu sugar available in our store but the buyers had planned ahead once the shortage was announced.  However, we are rationing to make good use of our limited resources and to keep from buying more expensive imported sugar.  For more information on Ramu sugar and the shortage you can access this article from The National on April 6th.

Sugar in PNG is well loved.  Many Papua New Guineans love their tea and coffee extra sweet.  Because most of their food is grown in their own gardens, store food is a big treat especially in the rural areas.  Of course this is different in the big cities but even there I think sugar, tin fish and rice would be on the top of a list of PNG favorite foods.

These foods are part of the inspiration to this song we sang the other day during morning worship time:

Swit Jisas

Swit Jisas, Swit Jisas

I winim Ramu Suga

I winim Trukai Rais

Swit Jisas, Swit Jisas

I winim Tripol Seven

Ramu Suga i no inap

Trukai Rais i no inap

Tripol Seven i no inap

Jisas i swit moa yet.

Sweet Jesus is better than sugar, rice and tin fish.  Sugar, rice and tin fish are not enough.  Jesus is much sweeter.  As much as I did laugh when I first heard this song, is there is definitely truth to it.  Ramu sugar might have a shortage but there is no shortage of sweetness with Jesus.


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