The Unknown- Jello

In STEP we have a learning principle that states, “Teach from the known to the unknown.”  This is one thing that we try to drill into the participant’s heads because it is important when teaching to start with something the students know before moving onto something completely new.  Adults and some other audiences can sometimes handle a bit more unknown but as a general rule it stands.

Today we went straight to the unknown in the form of jello jigglers.  Jeffery (in the background) likes to tell me about his first experience eating jello when he thought his teeth were going to fall out and laughs as he describes how it felt in his mouth.  Hauwo and Jeffery have both tasted jello but I figured most of the other guys hadn’t.

There were lots of different reactions.  Some of the guys were afraid of it.  Others compared it to sago which has a jelly-like consistency when prepared a certain way.  Still others slurped it down happily and asked for bigger pieces.  It was definitely something new for them but a fun all around experience.  Do you remember the first time you ate jello?

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