A Seder of Substitutions

The Jews celebrate Passover in order to remember their history and look forward to the coming of their messiah.  However, for Christians we celebrate knowing Christ has already come.  He is the Passover lamb who died for us and we celebrate looking forward to his return.  And so the Seder meal is composed of different elements, each with a special significance.

As I was walking home yesterday in order to prepare for having 8 people over for our Seder, I was a bit sad because of all the substitutions we were going to have to make.  Currently our store doesn’t have a great selection so we are learning how to do without, figuring out how to make things from scratch or substituting something else.  This is usually ok but I find it hard when preparing for a meal that is suppose to remind us of the reason behind the death of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Grape juice for wine I can handle but grape flavored juice boxes are another thing entirely.  Goat for lamb maybe but Christ is called the Lamb of God so there is a reason for this choice.  With no lamb available this year, we had bone-in chicken.  We also had a jar of horseradish sauce instead of bitter herbs or grated horseradish.  These substitutions are not really a big deal and last year we had substitutions too but for whatever reason yesterday it was bothering me more.

However, I got to thinking that substitutions are not always a bad thing.  After all Christ died the death we all should have died.  He was our substitution on the cross, bearing our sins in order that we might be free.  Christ was no disappointing juice box substitution; he was the best, most perfect substitution.

“Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!” John 1:29

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