Literacy Program Consulting and Computer Repair

For those of you who didn’t know, a couple months ago I stupidly stepped on my computer cracking the screen.  It wasn’t too bad at first but the blackness kept growing from a spider web to a bamboo tree and finally to a large black bat.  This blackness splashed across the screen made it rather difficult to work and watching movies became very inconvenient.

But thanks to a mix of great people, my screen is now back to normal.  Thank you to those who provided the funds to buy and ship the right part from the US and to the amazing CTS (computer technical services) people who ordered the part and then replaced the screen in just a couple hours today.  These guys are amazing technicians.  I am truly blessed.

Meanwhile back in the classroom, we had a morning with literacy consultants.  I invited the other literacy consultants who are currently in Ukarumpa and we split the guys into groups and gave them extra personal attention.  This was a good learning experience for all of us.  I enjoyed interacting with the guys and being able to focus more directly on their needs and wants.  It was also great to come back together and talk through the collective wisdom since all of the consultants have such varied experiences.

Some of the consultants also took the time to look through our literacy archives and find materials for the guys as well as go on mini field trips to book distribution (another archiving center in Ukarumpa) and the Scripture Use office where there are more resources available.  It was a productive day and another step forward as we try to give the participants resources and direction that will benefit them even after they leave Ukarumpa.

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