Breakfast in Ukarumpa

Many people eat milk and cereal for breakfast.  I enjoy certain kinds of cereal but i’m not such a milk fan.  Therefore I mix my cereal with yogurt.  During my time in the US I was definitely spoiled with the many easily accessible and affordable varieties of yogurt ready to just buy and eat.  I also was able to go into the store and always find exactly the cereal I wanted.

In Ukarumpa breakfast is another story.  Yes there is cereal available but i’m too picky so instead I make my own granola.  And although I have seen yogurt in the store before, it is not regularly available so instead most people make their own.  Here is the recipe I follow loosely.  I’m not into exact science cooking but I find my yogurt turns out 9 times out of 10.  And just fyi- fresh from the cow as well as boxed milk is available here but since I don’t drink it, I just buy the powdered milk and then it last longer.  In general powdered milk is more common in PNG since you don’t need to store it in a refrigerator.  So if you want to go out and buy some powdered milk, here is the recipe for your own homemade plain yogurt.  Yum.

1. Start some water boiling.

2. In a container with a spout add 1 cup water then 3 cups milk powder and finally another 2 cups water on top.  The water at the bottom is to keep the powder from sticking and the water on top is to help it mix better.  Stir well.

3. In a large pot sterilize (pour HOT water over) 3 clean jam jars with good lids.  Remove jars from pot.  Add some cool water to the pot until the temperature is hot but not too hot (you can stick your hand in it but not too long).

4. Add 1 cup HOT water and ¼ cupish yogurt starter (plain yogurt) to the milk mixture and stir well.

5. Pour the mixture into the jars.  Place jars in pot with the water up to the mixture line.  Cover and let sit until set.  I usually let it sit overnight.

Note: If the water cools before the yogurt is set, just add more hot water and wait.  But make sure the water is not too hot- you want yogurt not cottage cheese.  You can also cover the pot with a towel for more insulation.


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