Packing Puzzle Pro

These are boxes that don’t fit easily into suitcases.  If you have ever packed for an international trip you know the pain of trying to keep things within the right weight and size requirements.  Not only am I packing a printer and a mower but also kitchen timers and pencil cases.  These are all things that will be helpful for working with the Onobasulu in Walagu.  I hope that each of these will further literacy in their own way.  You can buy some of these things in PNG but a lot of products are imported from Australia and only available in the big cities where I don’t spend a lot of my time.  So instead of running around PNG trying to find what I need- I ran around Sacramento.

And this is everything packed and ready to go.  Minus the dog of course.  I took everything out of the boxes and played the packing puzzle game.  The printer is in the larger suitcase, packed in a special blanket and surrounded by  pencil cases for support.  The mower is heavier so it is nestled in the smaller suitcase and all of the rest of my cargo fills that suitcase completely.  Now all that is left is for everything to make it safely to PNG.  Tomorrow we will drive to San Fransisco and in four flight, 3 days and two countries I will be back in PNG.

3 thoughts on “Packing Puzzle Pro

  1. Bon Voyage, as the French would say. Via con Dios, as the Spanish would say. God speed, as the British would say.

    Blessings from the ordained Deacons at Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church.

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