Some Papua New Guinean Written Blogs

Here are a couple blogs that are written by Papua New Guineans.  This should give you another look into life in the cities of PNG.  This is a far cry from the life in rural PNG.  But the difference between the village and the city is a reality.  I obviously don’t endorse or know all of the material that’s written but it might give you another perspective on Papua New Guinea.

Euralia Paine-

The Masalai Blog-

One thought on “Some Papua New Guinean Written Blogs


    It is very flattering to get a mention in your blogsite. On December 31, my blogsite will be turning 1 year old. It has been a great journey, sharing and informing readers of my beautiful country. Certainly, there is a vast difference between the rural and city life and it is difficult to portray everything in its correct perspective. But that is the challenge I think; and my annual visits to my village, never cease to amaze me of the contrasts and the real essences of both settings.


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