Back in Ukarumpa!!

Today I woke up in my Ukarumpa house. The flight yesterday was long but comfortable since we rode in style in the Kodiak. A second Kodiak is about to arrive in PNG later this week. They are bigger than the 206s, much more comfortable and they also have cooler instruments to watch. The hope is to slower switch over to all Kodiaks for many reasons but they are faster and use regular jet fuel instead of avgas which is slower getting harder to buy and more expensive.

In a little while I will go for a walk around center to pick up my mail and go by the store. Each time I return to Ukarumpa they have a meal list for me so for the next three days I will eat lunch and dinner at different friend’s houses. It’s nice not to have to worry about cooking right away.

Although it is always a little sad to leave the village, I am always happy to come back to the comforts of ‘city’ life. Ok Ukarumpa isn’t a city but hot water does flow from the taps and there are stores in close proximity.

Here are just a few picture highlights from Walagu. More to come later.

Segea with the first dadu (rat) we caught:

Waga with a live butterfly attached to his hair with a stick:

Doing puzzles outside under the trees:

Airstrip work can be fun for everyone:

Can’t go wrong with copious amounts of pork:

Magurista having a good cry:

Traditional singsing dancers:

Writing letters home with help from Haika and Segea:

Nancy showing off her craft creation:

Wound care, soaking sores and covering wounds:

Happy Alibia with his whiteout painted face:


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