The Ledcafe

On Saturday morning I look forward to a special treat called the Ledcafe. If you live in a place where there is a coffee shop on every corner and a restaurant every other block, this may not be too terribly exciting for you. But in Ukarumpa where Hamburger Night draws big crowds, and the store Kaibar that sells french-fries and quarter chickens is the fastest food your going to get, the Ledcafe is a very special treat.

My friends Loren and Kensey open up their home and provide a great atmosphere to relax and socialize with friends and other people from the community. They also offer a delicious menu and assorted drinks and specialty coffees. I usually stick to a large latte and breakfast burrito but sometimes I splurge for a chocolate chip scone or a danish garden (an oven baked pancake with all the fixings).

If you’re ever in Ukarumpa, make sure you check out the Ledcafe. Come with your appetite and you won’t be disappointed.

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