A Health and Safety Game

Amina and the Game board

Want to learn about health and safety in the village?  Well let’s play the Health and Safety game.  Take a walk through the village- bridges will help you but watch out for the landslides.  If you land on a brown square you will have to go back because you did something unsafe or not good for your health.  But if you land on a green square, good job- you’ve done something good for your health or safety.

The women testing out the game during the teachers course.

This game grew out of Liz’s Garden game.  And now after development, translation, testing and checking it has finally been approved by the consultant.  Yipee. This means we can do a final printing and distribute it in the village.  It also means that other teams can translate it into their language and use it for work in their area.

The Game board.

The game is good for health and safety but also promotes literacy.  And for those children who can’t read yet they can play it without the words and practice their counting skills.  It’s fun and educational.

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