The Goroka Diversion

The pool at the Bird was the main diversion.

Today 12 of us took the opportunity to get out of Ukarumpa and enjoy some more of PNG.  Although the trip was suppose to be a diversion from daily life there were still plenty of reminders that we were in fact in Papua New Guinea.  The road is always interesting with people, pigs, goats and dogs to avoid and wait for at non-designated crossings.  And of course my favorite street sign that reads “Reduce Speed Half Road Closed”.  This sign basically means that there is only room for one line of traffic ahead and maybe half the road isn’t “closed” but in fact entirely washed down a mountain side.  It could also mean that there are large piles of dirt or gravel in the middle of the road so try not to hit those.  Either way, proceed with caution.

We also did a little shopping once in town, where I bought some more awesome culottes.   I also made a friend at the store who introduced me to her children, talked about her work in Hagen and asked me for my phone number so we could keep in touch now.  And Melissa had a whole crowd around as she bartered and tried on a bilum dress that in the end wouldn’t fit over her head so it was a moot point.  Of course it’s always interesting to walk with a group of white-skins down the road because there is no way you can be inconspicuous.

The true diversion of the day came after shopping when we settled in by the pool, ordered delicious restaurant food (chicken wrap, burger or pizza anyone?) and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.  We all took our turn in the cold yet refreshing water and relaxed for the entire afternoon.

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