STEP Starts Tomorrow- Module #4

Tomorrow is the first full day of STEP.  We had a mentors meeting today and of course there has been other preparation like lesson planning and the very exciting…moving!  Since some of the new classrooms are finished at the new training center site, we are going to try them out.  This has nothing to do with the fact that a very large tree went through the roof of the roundhouse where we normally are.  Well maybe a little- but this is also a great time to test out the new building set-up and to get to enjoy the fruits of long, hard labor.  The classrooms are beautiful, clean and ready to be put to work.

The door open closest to the truck is “my” classroom.  It’s very exciting to have my own space and to be able to set up for the English classes.  It’s also a little intimidating to be in charge of all the ESL for this module but I think i’m ready.  The next three days will be very telling as I meet with each of the groups of students.  But it will be great to be back together with everyone and continue our learning together.

Please be in prayer for good health (some of the staff are already sick with the flu and colds!) and for good working relationships (there is one student from another intake who will be joining us- pray that he feels welcome).

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