Madang Perks

An Ocean View.

Having to go to Madang for work has its perks too.  In addition to being absolutely beautiful, I can go into the city and shop in various stores and the market too.  Even after a year and a half I am still finding foods that I have never seen before or tried.  I saw these at the market so I brought some back to share with the V-berg boys.

J and his fruit.

It’s not spiky- it just looks that way.

I don’t know what they are called but the inside is soft, sticky, sweet and delicious.  J and W taught me how to peel back the skin and eat the inside around the seed.

The tasty inside revealed.

In addition to coastal foods, Madang is a great place to enjoy swimming.  I miss being in the water while i’m in Ukarumpa.  But in Madang there are pools to swim in at some of the resorts around town.  And of course the ocean is close at hand.

Jais Aben with the POC group.  The snorkeling is beautiful and the sand is perfect for building castles.

Some of the local people paddling by in their canoe.

The V-berg family swimming together at one of the pools in town.  Yep that’s the ocean in the background.

2 thoughts on “Madang Perks

  1. It’s a rambutan– we’ve got a quirky produce store in the neighborhood where I stumbled across them once. I think I enjoyed taking pictures of it more than actually eating the thing, though.

  2. Hi!

    I stumbled on your blog when I was looking for info on Ukarumpa…I worked with SIL in the Philippines for a year, and we had those little fruits! They’re called rambutan there. I always thought they looked like they’d been invented by Dr. Seuss.

    Is it all right if I follow your blog? It’s so interesting to read about life there.

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