The Market

All our produce comes from the market (unless you have your own garden). Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 6:30 to 8ish women, men and children gather at the market tables down by the main road. They sell a large variety of fresh garden food, craft items, flowers and potted plants. Make sure you bring your own bag- otherwise it will be very hard to bring all your goodies home.

A handful of carrots cost 1 kina, a handful of green beans 20 toea, bell peppers 50 toea each. They also sell mulis (kind of like oranges/tangerines), pineapple, bananas, sugarfruit, broccoli, tomato, zucchini, eggplant and rhubarb. The list goes on and on. Sometimes you can’t find what you want but there is usually quite a variety. Squash and pumpkins, lowlands coconuts, a variety of greens and plenty of kaukau (sweet potatoes).

Because of health concerns and rubbish removal issues no precooked food is sold at the market. They sell dry beans, peas and uncooked rice from their gardens. However precooked items or commercially packaged food is not permitted. The only exception to this is roasted peanuts still in their shell.

Here are just some of the hand craft items that are displayed and sold at reasonable prices. Lots of bilums (the strong bags), carvings and other wood items. See anything you like?

*Thanks to Paul Dokken for the great market pictures.

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