The Ukarumpa Post Office

This is the Ukarumpa Post Office.  It is located centrally in Ukarumpa across from the directors and finance offices.  Through the first door you will find friendly ladies who can help you buy stamps, aerograms or send packages within PNG as well as internationally.  They also keep all the larger boxes or packages behind the counter because they will not fit in the small PO boxes.

In the next room there are row after row of PO boxes.  Mail gets flown in from Port Moresby three times a week and then is separated into the correct boxes.  There is also a place to put mail to be distributed within Ukarumpa.  This is handy in a community as large as Ukarumpa.  When you need to borrow or return things it is often easier just to send it to a PO box instead of trying to catch someone at their home on the other side of the center.

This is my much mentioned mail box.  Box 339 which opens with the amazing key pictured below.


2 thoughts on “The Ukarumpa Post Office

  1. Dear Joy:

    Besides your Post Office Box 339, Ukarumpa, Paupa New Guinea, is there some sort of “zip code” for your complete address?

    Us Presbyterians “need” to know a sorts of details.

    The key to the lock is amazing…. an ancient relic unknown to modern locksmiths in California. Probably it would be difficult to get a duplicate key made at Home Depot here in Fair Oaks. (a little humor).

    Best wishes from Bob Sydnor, FOPC Deacon

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