A Walk to Mbaison

Mbaison is the village on the other side of the island from Marulaon.  It is a lovely walk across the island and not too far at all.  We went to visit Joanna’s friend Olivia, and it gave me a chance to see a little more of the surrounding area.

Fly Habour is the School where the kids from the surrounding villages attend.

They sleep at the school during the week and only come back to their respective village on the weekends.

Olivia and Olivia.

Olivia is a great lady who speaks beautiful English and is very proud of her accomplished children.  She has a sense of humor and laughs easily.  Joanna brought some food from her garden to share and Olivia sent us back with breadfruit and papaya.  We spent the late morning and early afternoon storying and just enjoying the people and beautiful surroundings.

Aaron and one of Olivia’s Sons.

Puzzles! I brought puzzles and stickers for entertainment.

Sarah and the view from Mbaison.

Swimming with Friends.

Katherine loves her friend Doris.

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