Weekend Vacation in Madang

Last weekend I drove with Brian and Susan down to Madang. Susan and I finished our work with the first STEP module on Wednesday so we decided to celebrate and take a well deserved break. We rented a van and the three of us along with 4 STEP students, who were headed the same direction, drove down to Madang. The drive will be a later, separate blog entry with pictures because it’s an adventure in and of itself. With all of the rain and the naturally unstable ground, the roads are particularly unpredictable. But that’s another story.


Onto the snorkeling;-) So we arrived in Madang (about a 5 hour drive), dropped the students off at their various stops and made our way to Rempi. Rempi is an area close to Madang just up the North Coast Highway (don’t think LA freeway- think two lane paved road). Thursday afternoon and all of Friday, Brian, Susan and I swam, snorkeled, played cards (cribbage!) and hung out in this beautiful location.


As I swam out towards the reef I just kept thinking about Finding Nemo. Although I didn’t see any little orange fish- I liked to just sit above the other schools and imagine what they were thinking.


And here I am coming in from a swim. The picture doesn’t do the area justice. So beautiful!


Then on Saturday morning we woke up and after breakfast headed up the North Coast Highway just a little further to where we had spent village living in Karem. Brian and Susan went on to visit their family and I stayed the night with my family. It was great to see Patrick, Martha and the kids again. We storied, ate and I taught some of the boys how to play Sudoku. Later in the afternoon we walked around and visited some more relatives and sat and storied late into the evening. In the morning we got up and had tea before washing in the river and getting ready for church. It was nice to walk with the family again and on the way back I took this picture of Beatrice walking with her Uncle Jerome along the North Coast Highway. Sunday afternoon we drove back into Madang and stayed Sunday and Monday night in a guest house close to the city center. We worked on a puzzle, relaxed and used Monday morning to shop at the various stores and the market. My purchases included spicy tulip meat (kind of like spam but way better- a flavorful addition to kaukau hash, pizza and omlettes), meri blouses (a PNG fashion stable but a bit like crazy patterned maternity tops) and postcards (surprisingly hard to find in PNG). We enjoyed a dinner out at a nice Chinese restaurant and got a good night sleep before our Tuesday morning drive back up to Ukarumpa.

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