Away in Kapawa

I have been in Kapawa for a little over a week now and have two weeks left before I will return to Ukarumpa. I will be sure to post pictures when I get back but for now you will all just have to use your imaginations. It has been great getting to know the people who live here and they have been very helpful- showing me around and talking with me about their customs and language. Kapawa is in the mountains so the water that they use to wash (clothes, dishes, themselves) and drink is down a steep hillside. I have been down there three times and I make the nationals nervous because I am not very nimble or graceful as I slip and slide down different muddy parts. They worry about me falling and getting hurt or getting dirty. But it’s ok cause at the bottom of the mountain we wash anyway, even though by the time we get back up the mountain I am dirty and sweaty again. While I was walking back the second time, I saw what I thought was a piece of rope on the trail- I thought for a second about kicking it out of the way but didn’t and just walked on by. When I looked back I saw that it was slithering away- it was a snake! I don’t know what kind of snake it was but most snakes here are poisonous. I am very glad I chose not to kick it. I had an encounter with swarming insects too. The room which is now mine had some buzzing coming from it that sounded suspicious. On closer inspection we realized that in the year Steve and Debbie had been gone, wild honey bees had made a hive in the wall. Steve neutralized them with some rounds of mortein insect spray and then they opened the wall to remove the hive, which was quite large. Unfortunately the mortein left the honey inedible but I am glad to have the hive gone. Now I sleep comfortably with my head against the wall where the hive use to be. Since this seems to be all about animals I might as well tell about the grubs that we found in the firewood today. I was working on a word list when Debbie called me over to see a grub in the wood Steve was cutting. It was white and thicker than my index finger but probably just as long. After taking a picture- Steve asked me if I wanted to eat it but I declined because who am I to deny the village children of such a delicacy. Then Steve took a video of one of the boys happily eating it. I thought the entertainment was over but then they found another grub in the same wood. This time Steve got the whole action- from the removal of the grub, to the consumption of the grub on video. I’ll see if there is a way to post that for your viewing enjoyment. Some day I may have a video of myself enjoying the bush delicacies but maybe I will fry it first.

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