Back from Village Living

This is the view that I enjoyed while on my way to the outhouse every morning.  I have just spent 5 weeks living 50 yards from the beach- I was cared for by an amazing extended family who welcomed me into their lives with open arms. I fell asleep to the sound of crashing waves and awoke to roosters and crashing waves.  I washed clothes, dishes and myself in the river leading up to the ocean and cooked and ate with my family daily.  I have eaten plenty of food straight from their gardens and planted banana trees with them.  I also enjoyed many nights and days of sitting around and telling stories.  I feel very blessed to have been living with a family who openly professed belief in Christ Jesus and spent evenings worshiping with them and watched as they lived their Christian faith in a context so very different from my own.  There are many more stories to tell but for now just know that I am happy and healthy and loving the people here in PNG.


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