Village Living in Karem

For the next 5 weeks I will be living in a village called Karem in the area of Sarang 2, along the north coast highway about 2 hours from Madang.  If you want to look on google earth, the approximant coordinates are S04 46.152’ E145 41.357’.  This is the practical part of our training where we get to apply everything we have learned.  The location is beautiful, right on the coast.  I will not have electricity which means no lights or internet but more importantly no refrigeration.  I will be cooking outside on the veranda of a house that was built especially for me and Sharon by our was famili (host family).  They have even built a new liklik haus (outhouse) close by and we will walk to a near-by river to bath.  This will be a great learning time for me and I look forward to getting to know my was famili as well as the other people in the village.  I know there will be many challenges but I look forward to new experiences, language learning and relationship building. Here are two pictures, one of the house before it was complete and my was famili- Patrick and Martha with one of their two children.

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