Getting Sick in PNG

Mixed in among lectures on language, history and anthropology are medical lectures.  These are designed to help prepare us for common illnesses or injuries that we might get here or that we might see when we are out in the village.  This will enable us, with the help of a medical handbook, to self diagnose and treat some of the more basic ones.  The lectures are actually very informative but at the same time can make you kind of queasy if you aren’t prepared for the topic of worms, tropic ulcers or bush knife wounds.  Strange bumps, bites, wounds and sicknesses are just part of life in the topics.

Our group has gotten to experience various bush knife and coral cuts but no sicknesses other than a couple of cases of strep throat until a few weeks ago.  Then the flood gates opened and the past two weeks we have had a stomach flu-like illness make its way through the entire group.  It started with the children, almost all of the 26 children got sick within 48 hours of each other.  Then slowly the adults got different degrees of the same illness.  My turn came on Saturday when I got home from a town market trip, so I just spent the rest of the weekend in bed. Certain staff members were also affected and now only about 2 of the children and 4 to 6 adults have managed to remain healthy.

We live in very close quarters so please be praying for the health and safety of everyone here!

One thought on “Getting Sick in PNG

  1. Hey Joy, Just wanted to know we are thinking about you at Restoration and praying for you tonight. We miss you, it is so nice to be updated on what is going on. Much love and talk to you again soon. Lisa

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